"The Secret of Finding
Fun Places to Fly in Florida"

With the Florida Flying Guide you will discover 44 fun destinations to fly to, just for fun.

Fly-in for a meal, a day or a weekend adventure. All the details of each destination are clearly presented, with current, accurate information!

I talk to pilots all the time who are looking for new, fun, interesting places to fly.

When I started flying my airplane in Florida, I was just like those pilots. I wanted to find a guide that would tell me neat places to fly, and what I’d find when I got there.

I looked everywhere. Surely, I thought, someone had published such a book. But everywhere I looked, the best I could find were collections of airport diagrams.

So, I decided a new guide had to be published. We put together a great team including pilots, writers and graphic artists to give you everything you need to know to plan fun flying adventures in Florida.

For the first time ever, you can discover 44 fun destinations to fly to in the brand new Florida Flying Guide. We’ve also highlighted 25 airports in the state where you can fly for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Did you know you can fly into a resort in the Florida Keys with it's own airport? Or that there is a place in Northern Florida where they let you swim with the Manatees?

Or that there is an airport you can fly in all summer long and walk to a Yankees, Red Soxs or Orioles baseball game?

Or that you can fly in to an airport where you can walk to the Piper Aircraft factory and get a free tour?

How about an urban airport that is smack dab downtown so you can walk to museums, shops, and great night life?

Do you know where you can fly in and take a real AT-6 Texan warbird for a flight?

This brand new Florida Flying Guide will help you pick special places to fly that you would have missed, and enjoy special experiences and memories.

You can be on your next flying adventure with your family or friends next week when you order your copy today.



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"When I started flying my airplane in Florida, I looked for a guide that would tell me neat places to fly, and what I'd find when I got there. Since that book didn't exist, I published Florida Flying Guide! With this guide in your hand, you always have an interesting destination to fly to." Steven Brooks, Publisher

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